Thursday, April 7, 2011

Bits and Pieces

Okay, first of all a minor point. I noticed yesterday morning (April 6th), C. J. Summers had removed his sign from my yard. This morning I removed George Azouri's. Hint, hint to all you candidates. Beth, I notice a lot of your signs are still out there. Might want to get this taken care of.

On to bigger fish to fry. Aaron Schock and his recent flip flop on the TIGER II funding reeks of classic doublespeak. I mean, hey Aaron, pick a side and stand by your decision, regardless of the outcome. You told us we were wrong in planning to spend money we may not receive (which I agree with, by the way), then tell us how wrong it is for Congress not to give us the money. Please, bubba, get your story straight, and while you are at it, start thinking for your self instead of being led around by the LaHood regime. Introducing a bill to have all farm equipment meet particular vehicle codes when the incidence of accidents is around 200 a year? In a year when we are facing massive budget cuts and a national debt so large that most people cannot fathom it? Aaron, let's work on the real problems and leave the minor stuff for later.

EBNHS, Inc. is on hold for the moment, but not forgotten. Still waiting on some information from my sources (former board members) and the 2010 audit from the EBNHS, Inc.

Seems my work with the Transparency in Government project being sponsored by Bill Lopotko and the Peoria 9/12 group is going to take up a bit of my time, along with my role as speech writer and media representative for Matthew Woodmancy for Congress 2012. By the way, if you haven't seen his Facebook page, you might want to take a look. With the redistricting in the state of Illinois, the Democrats are going to have a real shot at getting a candidate in to replace either Aaron Schock or Representative Schilling, depending on how the change is made. Since the Democrats are in charge of making the changes, and the incumbents will be forced to run against each other for the nominations in the primaries, a sold Democrat could make a real run at it.

Just got my copy of the agenda for next Tuesday's Council meeting, so I haven't had the opportunity to go over it in detail, but something must be up if the City Council is going to consider passing an ordinance to shut down Club 307. I'm not aware of any other "swing" clubs in the area, but if they are the only one, it seems like a lot of smoke and mirrors to cover up another move. Wonder what I will find when I go through it.

I'll be down at the Solidarity Rally at the courthouse at 5 pm today to support the fine men and women who represent our local unions. I'll be the guy in the leather "Highlander" jacket, so if you are there and see me, say Hi.

More to follow.....

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