Saturday, April 9, 2011

Sometimes you get to write nice things....

I had the privilege tonight of attending the Benefit for Tracy Shortridge and her daughter and granddaughter tonight at Stone Country in Bartonville. It was quite an event, hosted by Dan Stone and his crew, and sponsored to provide help for the Tracy Shortridge assistance fund at CEFCU. Donations are still being accepted, by the way.

In case you missed it, the fire was in West Peoria on December 17th and started about 6 p.m..  Although units were dispatched from West Peoria, Limestone, and Peoria Heights to assist in battling the flames, they were unable to save the house and most of the possessions of the family. Luckily, Tracy, her daughter, and Tracy's granddaughter were all able to escape without injury.

The family is trying to recover from the devastation of having almost every possession in their lives removed in a puff of smoke.

The nice thing? You should have seen the smile on Tracy's face and on her daughter and granddaughter as people came in tonight at Stone Country. Talk about members of the community coming together. These are the moments that let you know we still care.

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