Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Leave it to the General to get involved with the right cause again.

You know, its a little discouraging for us to have a person in this town who always tries to do the right thing and is ignored for all his hard work. Yes, I am talking about General Parker, the man who has recently been an advocate for Father's Rights and is now fighting to let Banks know that constant foreclosures are part of the problem that is ruining our economy.

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General Parker is ignored because, once upon a time when he was a stupid kid (weren't we all) he did something really stupid (didn't we all) and got caught. Now that is the important part to remember, because not all of us got caught. But we all did stupid things.

You know, a lot of us go to church and like to pray about redemption. As a matter of fact, redemption is the major theme of Christianity. Without Christ, we cannot be redeemed, and yet with Christ, everyone is redeemed. But not, it appears, in the eyes of his brothers here on Earth.

General Parker is out there standing up for causes. Perhaps it is time we looked past the stupid part, and started paying attention to the righteous part. Seems to me, judging by his actions lately, we are missing the opportunity to learn a lot about redemption and the direction it can take a man.

Go get 'em, General.

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