Friday, March 11, 2011

Open Question to the Candidates

Now I know you all will have some stock answers for what I am about to ask, since I am sure you have heard the question at least nine or ten times before by now. But I am asking you to put something in print, something tangible that can be referred back to. "On [date] in the blog Take Back Peoria, you said...." I am challenging you to be accountable for your statement. Are you ready?

In the past two months, the City Council of Peoria has passed several items that have received harsh criticism from the constituency, and appear on the surface to directly benefit OSF. OSF has not been forthcoming as to their interest in the EVGC TIF, yet the current council is poised to vote on this issue on March 22nd, prior to the election of the new council members. Given the lack of transparency to date of this project, and the questionable nature of the benefits to the homeowners of the East Bluff who will bear the majority of the tax burden for this project, do you believe this project should be deferred until after the elections to allow the new council members to determine if it will coincide with their agenda for the city?

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