Monday, March 28, 2011

Sandberg cannot do it alone!

I've been an attendee at the City Council since January, watching the various consent items come and go, listening carefully to the voices of the council members, and hearing the complaints and comments of the citizens of Peoria who attend on various issues. One thing is clear. There is exactly one voice in the "horseshoe" who is concerned with what the citizens of Peoria care about. Gary Sandberg. He demands explanations for spending our tax money, and has the courage to stand up and oppose the items he believes are wasteful or just plain wrong. He is consistent in his approach, and a man who obviously does his research before speaking.
But Gary cannot do this job on his own. He needs allies on the board who will share his passion for Peoria, and his dedication to the people of this city. He needs allies who will support a basic services platform and listen to the will of the people.
A few weeks ago, the Peoria Journal Star came out to endorse the three most likely candidates to aid Gary in his fight. C. J. Summers, a local e-journalist and outspoken advocate of basic services, Beth Akeson, a local advocate for the Heart of Peoria Plan and Neighborhood Reinvestment, and Chuck Weaver, a local businessman who volunteers his time with local schools and other youth organizations.
If these people are not placed on the council, Peoria can look forward to four more years of the same.
On April 5th, VOTE! Take the time to go by your polling place and make a statement to the city. We will no longer accept this philosophy of "We know what's best for you" from the current administration.
Vote Sandberg, vote Summers, vote Akeson, vote Weaver.
The time to be active is NOW!

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