Monday, March 21, 2011

Some tidbits of note

First of all, a bit of news about something near and dear, mainly my job. As of the close of business today, Neil Norton Cadillac (where something GOOD is going to happen to You!) is no more. We will operate at the Neil Norton site until April 1st, when the lot will be closed by the Uftring group for renovations. Cadillacs will be added to the line at the Jim McComb facility, until the renovations are completed. Then the lot will reopen as Uftring Cadillac Chevrolet. Some familiar faces will remain, others will not, but the level of Cadillac service and sales will not be impaired. As a matter of fact, this should be a good move for all.

C. J. has been hard at work at the Peoria Chronicle, providing some maps on growth in Peoria over the last 10 years. His article shows the necessity of preserving and reclaiming our older, urban neighborhoods. We simply cannot continue to expand in all directions [mostly North] and allow people to build their own communities in the suburbs. We need to restore our bluffs and make them safe for our children. We need a tax base that will support our schools, and we certainly need to restore our infrastructure. Basic services is the campaign issue at hand, folks, and we need to elect people who will support and develop our vision of the future in that direction.

Incidentally, I have been working with Matt Woodmancy, who is going to try to get the Democratic nomination to run against Aaron Schock in the next Congressional election. He is a careful thinker, a native Central Illinoian and merits your consideration. There is a [scheduled] rally in Liberty Park on April 15th in the afternoon [6 to 8 pm] to raise awareness to the issues and introduce himself to the local citizens. You might want to look into it.

Also, can't emphasize enough how important this Transparency in Government program will be to helping candidates like C.J., Beth, and Chuck the information from an informed constituency. Lakeview Museum, April 21st, 6 pm. My previous blog gives all the details.

And last, but certainly not least, wasn't today a lovely day?!

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