Thursday, March 10, 2011

Opening Comments

Like any good writer, I should start with a few comments about what, exactly, I am trying to accomplish. So to keep it simple, I have a couple of items on the current agenda:

A) to hold the city council accountable for their flagrant disregard for the citizens of Peoria. The incumbent council, with the sole exception of Mr. Gary Sandberg, has consistently ignored the voice of the voting public in recent decisions concerning Big Al's, the East Village Growth Cell TIF project, and several other decisions. While I will give them credit for refusing a liquor license to the proprietor of Brown Bag video, I have to say that their decision not only to grant Big Al's to move to a location adjacent to the CityLink Bus Station, the Myah's Day Care center, and the Civic Center Box Office, but to also sell the property for less than it took the city to develop it in the first place smacks of sweetheart deals under the counter and cronyism.

B) to rally the blog reading crowd to spread the word and take to the streets in favor of replacing the current council members who are up for re-election with the more viable and responsive candidates who are seeking the position. C. J. Summers, Beth Akeson, and George Azouri are among my favorites, and I am still looking at Chuck Weaver and Charles Grayeb, but frankly anyone who is honestly prepared to work for the citizens of this city instead of becoming a "rubber stamp" for the Ardis agenda will be better than what we have now.

I am sure I will find other things to write about as time goes by, but for now these will do.

It's time to Take Back Peoria, People.

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